The Real Estate Market Is Still Hot

Real Estate Market Is Still Hot

Good news the St George Real Estate Market is still Hot. Real estate sales in St George are up 37% over the same time last year. Buyers are still a little cautious due to the uncertainty of the economy. That being said, 37% is a very large increase. Some people are worried that we may be entering a bubble like the one we have just recovered from. Those who have been in the industry watching the trends for years say that the growth that we are experiencing now is different from the terrible bubble that popped a few years ago. The country as a whole seems to be pulling out of deficit real estate values that left so many people in financial straits. The increase in real estate values is not being inflated by Wall Street, but more by true demand. When St George real estate values went south many builders stopped building, allowing demand to consume much of the inventory. This “market correction” was difficult for many people and the increases we see now are much more sustainable.

Going Forward

Of course no one has a crystal ball, nor can anyone guarantee what will happen going forward. It does seem like a great time to buy a home. The reason I say this is that interest rates are still historically low. Sure they have come up from the 3% levels of the past few months but, think back over the last 10-15 years about what the lowest interest rates have been. It used to be we were excited to refinance a house because the rates dropped into the 6% range. With rates in the St George Real Estate market still in the 4% range the timing could not be better. Inventory is still lower that it has been, but with every tick upward in the interest rate buyers choices will also be slipping away. What I mean is, if a buyer is qualified for a $200,000 home at 4.5% they may only be able to qualify for a $180,000 home at 5%. These figures are hypothetical, but illustrate the point I am trying to make.

In Summary

If you have been waiting on the sidelines for the real estate market to come back, it has. Some buyers wonder, “how come I miss all of the good deals”? It might because good deals are usually not easy to spot. Like anything, investing in, or purchasing real estate in the St George area is not easy for someone that only participates a few times in their life. Using a real estate professional may save you thousands. Since our main focus is the real estate market, and that is what we do every day, it makes sense to let us help you. Using an agent to help you buy a home is especially a no brainer, as the seller pays for our commission. So if you are looking for real estate in St George, Washington County , or Southern Utah in general give me a call I can help!

Real Estate St George

Real Estate St Goerge The Real Estate St George market continues to move forward, with home values moving upward, and interest rates still at historic levels it is a great time to get in the real estate game. The inventory in the St George Real Estate market has actually grown a little bit in the last few months. Available Real Estate St George properties listed in the Washington County MLS, is currently over 1700 units listed. This is up about 300 properties in the last 3 months. This growth in inventory in some cases can translate to lower prices for home buyers. While it may not be a true “buyers market”, there are more properties for sell now than the total listed a few months ago.

St George Real Estate

The St George Real Estate market has been heating up for the last year. Experts predict that the market is not a bubble the likes of which caused the crash of the real estate market a few years ago. The growth in the St George Real Estate market is expected to continue on a more consistent steady line upward. This type of growth is much more sustainable, than the drastic jump that actually contributed to the crash.The finger pointing is still going on as to what actually caused the crash, with everyone willingly to give their hypothesis about why it happened. Regardless of why it happened everyone agrees that it can’t happen again.

Real Estate In St George

Real Estate in St George ranges from condo’s and town homes, to palatial estates. The exciting fact about real estate in St George, is that you can enjoy appreciation on a $100,000condo or a 10,000 square foot home. Many people consider the St George Real Estate market as an investment in a resort community. This is due in part to all of the activities, and amenities that are available in our area. People looking for an investment opportunity should consider real estate in St George, and the entire Southern Utah Real Estate market as a great way to invest in their future.

Home Staging

Home staging in the St George Real Estate market can be a game changer for a house that does not show well. Recently an agent I know had one of his listings staged. The difference was night and day. Sometimes that fact that people live in a home can be a deterrent, this might be due to the way the house is furnished. The house may be cluttered, and the furnishings may be old and outdated. This can make it difficult for the person looking at the home to visualize how their things may fit into the house. It may even make the home seem older and out dated.  So is it better to show an empty house, than a cluttered house? The answer is yes, empty is much better than cluttered. I believe all agents in the St George Real Estate market would agree with this concept.

Empty House, Cluttered House, Staged House

Because staging is professionally done, it is better than both the cluttered and the empty home. The furnishings are usually updated, and selected to highlight the qualities of the home. A professional staging company can make a house look its very best. We are lucky to have a top notch staging company here in the St George Real Estate market area. From the nick nacks down to the towels in the bathroom. Everything they do is designed to work together. I believe that staging could net a higher price than a home that is not staged. This makes the money spent of staging worth the investment. The company that staged the house I recently looked at is First Impressions. They can be reached via email at or by calling 435 817 3223.

Here is a list of the things that First Impressions can do for you:

Decluttering (furniture, accessories, cupboards, closets)
Packing and storage
Painting (including color matching or selecting)
Carpets and tile (cleaned or replaced)
Furniture rearrange or design
Window cleaning or repair
Professional cleaning
All accessories (rugs, vases, bedding, towels, pictures,florals, trees and more)
Furniture rental
Lawn cleanup and care
Countertop replacement
Roof repairs
Appliance replacement
Used furniture consulting for consignment or donation
Handyman services

A good staging company can also work with the occupant of the home to maximize the way the furniture is arranged, and assist with the de-cluttering process. Less is usually more when it comes to furnishings in a house for sale. Simply put, a house that has wall to wall furniture looks smaller than a house that has everything placed to maximize the space. Real Estate in St George can be difficult, it is a good idea to take advantage of all the helps we can find.

Distressed Property Update

Things are continually changing in the St George real estate market so I wanted to offer this Distressed Property Update. First item I would like to discuss are the Short Sales in the St George Real Estate market. The quantity of short sales has definitely shrunk. This may be a sign that property values have reached a point where people that were formerly upside, have enough equity to sell. Until now, many people felt hopeless and thought the only way out of their house was a short sale. Those lucky enough to hang on through the difficult times may have even escaped with a little equity in their homes.

Short Sale Prices

The list prices on St George Real Estate short sale homes are fairly close in price to all of the other homes listed in the MLS. While it is true that you may be able to purchase a short sale for less than another home of equal value, there are a few things to consider. First, the time required to finalize a short sale, is anything but short. Some short sales are still dragging on for over 6 months start to finish. Second with shorter supply, and constant demand for good deals in real estate, the banks are holding out for stronger offers than they were satisfied with in the past. Finally a serious buyer needs to consider the risk of hoping to make a killer deal on a short sale or any real estate in the St George area and missing a good deal on a non short sale property.

REO Properties

There are sill a St George real estate properties available through foreclosures auctions.  These are a little more difficult to find, and can be a little tricky to purchase. The minimum price of the home being auctioned usually includes the amount of the unpaid loan, interest, attorney fees, and other costs associated with the home. Another factor to consider when looking for a foreclosed home is the fact that someone may be living in it. The person who acquires the home will have to evict the person living in the home. The new home owner may also be responsible for any third party liens attached to the property. This type of investment may be a little risky for most buyers. For help with any Real Estate in St George give me a call 435 705 3356.

St George Is Senior Friendly

St George is Senior Friendly. One of the best examples of this is the Huntsman Sr Games. The Huntsman Senior games will finish this week. The closing ceremony will be held Saturday night at the Hansen Stadium at Dixie State University. The closing ceremonies are a spectacular show providing an opportunity for those who have competed and won medals to gather together and say goodbye until next year. The senior games definitely have a positive effect on the Real Estate in the St George area. The positive impact is also felt by most businesses in the area.

The senior games are only a small part of what St George has to offer Seniors 50 years old and up. There are dozens of choices of places to live for those that would like to locate them selves in a Sr Community. Of course people over 55 can live anywhere, but some enjoy a little more peaceful “child free” setting. Personally, I actually enjoy the sounds of happy little voices of children playing in the neighborhood.

St George Has A Lot to Offer

Other benefits for Sr.’s is the first class medical care St George has to offer. The small town atmosphere also contributes to seniors having a desire to live here. With St George still a relatively sparsely populated area, traffic is not that bad, especially compared to the larger cities many of our seniors come from. The milder winters are also attractive to those getting up in years. The lack of pollution, and warmer winters make life much more enjoyable for those suffering from cold weather related problems. Real Estate in St George is also a great investment for Seniors to make. Some Senior has found investing in rental properties in the St George Real Estate market a great investment. So in addition to all of the other benefits of living in St George, Real Estate in the St George area can be added to the list.

In a nut shell, I love St George, especially in the fall! The temperatures begin cooling off making it much nicer to spend time out doors. The brisk mornings, warm afternoons, and cool nights mean that winter is on its way. Unlike places where winter is dark, cold, and gloomy St George offers sunshine nearly every day. Any snow that comes is usually gone within a few hours, and the afternoons usually warm up to be quite pleasant. Another advantage of the St George winters is the fact that spring usually comes in late February.

St George Marathon


St George Marathon

Every year in October the St George Marathon takes place in our little town. It is a nationally recognized event with runners coming from all across the country. The St George Marathon starts up Highway 18 in Central. If you are new to the area, Highway 18 is at the top (North end) of Bluff Street. Like all marathons the St George Marathon is 26.2 miles in length. The marathon ends up in the middle of St George at the Vernon Worthen Park. Many people train for the marathon all year, others establish a training schedule and ready themselves in a few months. Other runners travel from marathon to marathon requiring them to stay in shape all of the time. The marathon provides an opportunity for community minded people to offer service. There is no shortage of opportunities to help out with the marathon. This event has contributed greatly to the real estate market in St George. People come to St George and never want to leave.

 St George Real Estate

Like the Senior Games, the participants of the marathon bring much needed revenue to our local economy. The small inconvenience of increased traffic, and longer waits at restaurants are worth sharing our beautiful city for.  Many visitors are in awe of the scenic panoramas we enjoy everyday. Another perk of these two events is the fact that some people develop an interest in our local real estate market. With our low crime rate and small town atmosphere many people return after the marathon, and senior games just to visit. This may seem insignificant to some but our real estate is doing very well, due in part to buyers come in from out of state. These added buyers help sustain our market when times are a little slower. Real Estate in the St George are is currently doing very well making an investment in St George Real Estate a great idea!

St George Utah Real Estate

If you are interested in St George Utah Real Estate you have come to right place. We specialize in real estate in the St George Area. There are several cities that could be included in what is known as St George Utah Real Estate. These areas include, Apple Valley, Dammeron Valley, Diamond Valley, Enterprise, Gunlock, Harrisburg, Hurricane, Ivins, La Verkin, Leeds,  New Harmony, Pine Valley, Santa Clara, St George, Toquerville,  Veyo, Virgin, Winchester, and Washington. The St George Utah Real Estate area is quite large, and takes in quite a few small outer lying areas. If you are not from St George and are considering relocating here, we can send more information to you about this fabulous place to live!

St George Real Estate

When the pioneers moved to St George over a hundred years ago little did they know that it would be transformed from a hot dry desert wasteland into the destination it is today. St George Real Estate is frequently recommended in national publications as a great place to retire. It is also a wonderful place to raise a family. According to statistics from Citi-Data St George crime    is dramatically lower than the National Average. In addition to the low crime rate another benefit of purchasing St George Real Estate is the weather. We enjoy mild winters, and spectacular spring and fall seasons. Many people who own homes in the St George Real Estate market are fondly referred to as “Snow Birds.” This means they only spend part of their time here, usually in the winter and part of spring and fall seasons. It is safe to say that the seniors that are choosing to live here have greatly added to the Real Estate Market in St George and Real Estate in Washington County.

St George Ut. Real Estate

The St George Ut Real Estate market is typically similar to trends in Las Vegas Nevada, Arizona, and even Southern California. This Western states real estate market area seems to almost work together. They are not all exactly the same, but if any of the major areas mentioned are experiencing change, St George typically follows shortly behind. Our monthly market report is a good way to track what is happening in our local, and regional market. Real Estate in St George Utah is still maintaining strong sales, and looks to be a good investment going forward.

Finding the Right Lender is Important

An important factor in purchasing a home in Washington County is the financing. Most buyers in the St George Real Estate are do not have enough cash on hand to pay cash for a house. This necessitates the home buyer getting a loan. There are a lot of lenders that would be happy to help with a loan. Lenders make their money when they assist someone with a loan. They don’t actually get paid until the loan funds and the transaction is closed. This is an advantage to home buyers in the St George Real Estate market, because the lender is motivated to help them get the home they are interested in. Lenders do not all charge the same amount for their help, and Lenders are not all the same.

Mortgage Broker

Some people feel it is advantageous to use a Southern Utah Mortgage Broker. A mortgage broker differs from a local bank or credit union. The broker typically has many companies they work with. This can be an advantage for a first time buyer, or someone that doesn’t fit within the parameters of the local bank or credit union. This means that a local lender may be limited on who they can help. This is also true in the St George Real Estate market. The broker will typically gather credit information, and determine which lender they represent will work the best for the home buyer. This can be helpful if a person has been denied a loan through a local bank or credit union. Getting lined up with a good lender can make the difference in buying the right Real Estate in the St George area.

Shop Around

Like anything, it is a good idea to shop around when looking for a lender. It is also a good idea to interview the specific loan officer being considered. If you don’t connect with the loan officer, the process may not turn out very well. If you are like me, I really appreciate it when people call me back and it drives me crazy when people don’t. If this is important to you, make sure you express this to the loan officer and get a feel for how important this it to them. The loan process can be a bit stressful, especially if you and the loan officer don’t establish a good working relationship. Even though the entire process is usually only 30-90 days, working with a good agent will minimize any stress associated with the transaction. Real Estate in St George is moving pretty quickly, the last thing you want is to have a lender hold you back from investing in St George Real Estate.

Staples Group at Patriot Mortgage

I highly recommend the Staples Group at Patriot Mortgage. This is mainly because they are motivated, to serve people and follow through. As I mentioned previously, follow through and returning phone calls are both extremely important to me. The Staples Group has always returned my calls promptly and treated my clients with respect and professionalism. I feel that they are one of the better lenders in the St George Real Estate area. They can help you secure a property in the St George Market.

This is one of the reasons I like working with the Staples here in the St George Real Estate area. It is important to understand that Real Estate Agents and Mortgage professionals are not allowed to compensate each other. The reason I mention this is to clarify that I will not receive anything from Staples for this recommendation.  I feel strongly that working with the right lender can make a huge difference in a St George real estate transaction.

Coral Ridge

Coral Ridge is a very nice area, that is currently exploding in growth. Some of the homes in this short video clip are available for nightly rentals. Coral Ridge plays an important role in the Real Estate in the St George area.

Bella Vista at Stone Mountain

Bella Vista at Stone Mountain

Bella Vista at Stone Mountain is an exclusive gated community in the St George Real Estate market that sits atop its own private mountain. This short video of the area displays the “top of the world” feeling that is part of  Bella Vista. Homes in this area start in the high 200″s and go up from there.  This neighborhood is definitely one the premier locations in the southern Utah, St George, and Washington areas. To view properties in Bella Vista give us a call.

Bella Vista at Stone Mountain is one of several gated communities within the St George Real Estate market offered for sale in the Washington Utah area. If you are considering moving into a gated community in Southern Utah, you should consider looking at the homes for sale, or new construction plans that are available in this very nice community. The increased security which is a part of a gated community is hard to put a price on. Discriminating buyers in the St George Real Estate market place a high value on the security of a gated community.

The views from both sides of the Bella Vista at Stone Mountain subdivision are one of the best features of this location. Off the back part of the mountain there are views of Zions Canyon, and Pine Valley Mountain. The views from the front side are equally spectacular. They vistas of Pine Valley mountain and the Washington valley are unobstructed and very enjoyable. Bella Vista is definitely a prime location within the Real Estate in the St George Market area.