St George Utah Rush Hour Traffic

I took this video one evening on the way home from downtown St George Utah. I live in Washington Fields and it takes about 15 minutes to get from the ERA office on 200 E St George Blvd to my house. The traffic at “rush hour” usually doesn’t slow me down that much. The traffic and smaller population are a couple of the reasons that I really love living in St George. I knew that many people would not believe me when I said the traffic was not very bad here, so I took this video. The traffic did seem to be a little lighter than usual, even though it was not a holiday when I took this video. The upload time is different than the actual time the video was recorded. This only one of the reasons that the Real Estate in St George is such a great value. People love the lack of congestion making St George Real Estate even more desirable.

St George Utah Road Conditions

Like many cities St George is not without it’s share of pot holes, and ongoing road construction projects. The new interchange project is a major undertaking currently in works. For more info on this, follow this link, Utah Road Construction Projects.   This project is very large, and the inconvenience is minimized, by the majority of the work being done through the night. Other than some lane restrictions during the day, it has really not been a major problem for most people. It is exciting to live in a place that is growing and vibrant like St George and the surrounding areas. We are fortunate to be able to live in such an amazing place. The desirability of Real Estate in St George, is creating a fairly strong market.

Washington Utah Roads

Washington Utah is not far behind St George when it comes to taking care of their roads. For more information about the master plan for Washington follow this link. Washington Utah Public Works Street   We urge people to be aware of projects, and slow down in areas where there are construction workers on site. The quality of the roads definitely contributes to the values in the St George Real Estate Market.

Washington Fields

A popular location in the real estate in St George area and southern Utah is Washington Fields. The area is relatively new and has some nice homes that are reasonably priced. Like many areas, Washington Fields has struggled with foreclosures, and short sales. The real estate market in St George has finally turned, in the fields, and homes prices are increasing. This is good if you have been waiting to sell, not so good if you are interested in purchasing in Washington Fields. Homes are currently selling for anywhere from $95 a square foot up to $140. There are still some distressed properties available, but they typically are gone days or even hours after they hit the market. In order to get a “good deal” in Washington Fields the buyer has to have a plan and be included in real time as houses come available. Real Estate in St George and in Washington Fields are both currently great investments.

Good Deals in Washington

In order to get a good deal in Washington a person needs to develop a plan. It is a good idea to understand how houses become available. The local St George Real Estate MLS is one of the best resources to view new listings. Another source for good deals are the government foreclosure websites. There are several to connect with. We have direct feeds from most of these sources, making it easy for us to forward them on to you. The Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac type foreclosures require the person purchasing to use an agent. There is really no incentive to take the time to set up your own notifications from them. If you are interested in a distressed property give us a call we can help you establish a plan to increase your chances of obtaining a lower priced house. It is important to understand that searching for a great deals in the Real Estate market in the St George area takes quite a bit of time, and is not for a person that needs a house right away. It is also important to consider that housing prices are increasing while a person may be spending time chasing the illusive great deal. In other words if you dedicate 9-12 months looking for a great deal you could have purchased a house and enjoyed the appreciation currently taking place. It might be a good idea to solicit the help of a real estate professional when looking for deals in Real Estate in St George.

Short Sales in Washington Fields

The number of short sales in the Real Estate market in St George have reduced greatly over the last few years. This has made searching for short sales much more difficult. Like foreclosures, when a short sale hits the market in Washington Fields, or the entire St George Real Estate market for that matter, they are usually gone in less than a week. Most have multiple offers on them. Multiple offers on St George short sales means that many times the house sells for more than the asking price. Multiple offer sales on real estate in St George are basically what they sound like. The seller, and the bank will have several offers to choose from.  In some cases the seller is totally disengaged and doesn’t care what the house sells for, they just want to move on. They may accept a low offer, but the lender who is “coming up short” has the final say on how much the property will actually be sold for. Making an offer on a short sale on St George Real Estate needs to be carefully researched to assure that you are not paying more than you need to. Care should also be taken to offer enough to beat the competition trying for the same property. The appraisal is also a factor to be taken into consideration. If a person offers too much for a house there is a chance it may not appraise for the sales price. Short sales, in the St George Real Estate market can be a good deal. You might want the help of a real estate professional especially since it won’t cost you, the home buyer, to use one.

Washington Utah

Washington Utah located in the St George Real Estate market has a lot to offer. Washington has experienced major growth in the last few years. Since the real estate market turned around about a year ago, growth in the area has exploded. Building permits are being obtained at near record levels. Many people agree that Washington is a great place to live! St George and Washington are both great cities that exemplify small town America. They are steeped in Utah Pioneer History, and have a rich heritage of quality long time residents. Take a little time viewing the real estate in Washington and Real Estate in St George and we are confident you will see why they are among the fastest growing cities in Washington County and the country.

Coral Canyon Washington

Another popular community located in the St George Real Estate market is known as Coral Canyon. This planned community is part of the St George Real Estate market even though it is located in Washington Utah. This beautiful Washington County community has turned into a destination for many people. Coral Canyon has a picturesque  golf course, fabulous clubhouse amenities, and private parks. For tee times call 435 688 1700 of follow this Coral Canyon Tee Time link.  With an active Home Owners Association, Coral Canyon maintains a beautiful clean atmosphere to reside. It is no wonder that home prices in Coral Canyon consistently hold their value. For a complete list of homes currently available in Coral Canyon, give us a call. We would also be happy to send you current and new listings in Coral Canyon as they become available. Coral Canyon is a very nice community within the St George Real Estate MLS.

Summer Golf in Washington County

Washington County is famous for its mild winter weather. It is also known for hot summer weather. This provides an opportunity for avid golfers to take advantage of discount golf prices. Most golf courses in southern Utah offer some pretty heft discounts on their greens fees and cart rentals during the summer. It is a good idea to drink plenty of water,  and use a lot of sun screen while golfing under the summer sun. A golf cart at the discounted price can also go a long ways to minimize the 100 plus temperatures. The discounted Summer rates provide an opportunity for people on a budget to try courses they may not be able to afford during peak golf months.