November Home Owners Tip

The November Home Owners Tip is relatively easy. It is a good idea to inspect and clean your rain gutters. It may seem like an unimportant tip, but here are some problems that can come if gutters are filled. The entire roofing system is designed to drain toward the bottom of the roof. Duh right? When it rains hard, all of the water from the roof is supposed to make its way to the gutters, down the drain, and out to the street. If a rain gutter is filled with dirt, leaves, and debris, water can back up and actually get under the shingles. It is easy for St George real estate owners to get a little complacent when it comes to winterizing because of the mild weather we enjoy here. It still gets cold enough to freeze pipes. The best way to keep your St George real estate investment in the positive, is to keep it in good repair.

Roofing System

I used the term “roofing system” earlier. All of the roofing components are designed to operate in a specific way. If one of the components of the roofing system is not working, it may end up costing you a lot of money to repair. Sometimes a clogged a rain gutter can cause water to go under the shingles, but it is more common for the flashing (the piece of metal running diagonal with the shingles or tiles) to get cluttered. For example if you have a ceramic or concrete tile roof and leaves fill the flashing, water can back up and get under the shingles. This happens because the entire roofing system is designed for water to flow down ward. If water is forced to back up it will then have the ability to get to the more vulnerable roofing pieces. A good way to make sure your St George real estate investment is a good investment, take a little time and maintain your home.

Winterize Sprinkling System

Since most of us have automatic sprinkling systems we have a tendency to set them and forget them. This is usually OK during the summer time, but with cold weather fast approaching it is a good idea to winterize the system. Sprinkling systems are made up of locations called stations or valves. Most systems on newer homes in our St George real estate area are designed to drain after each watering session. It is still possible for water to accumulate in the pipes. You may want to blow out your system lines (pipes). This is possible by using an air compressor, or a portable air tank. Basically you want to turn off the main sprinkler valve and force air into a sprinkler head on each station, or valve. This simple procedure can preventĀ  having to repair frozen and broken pipes in the spring. It may also be a good idea to wrap any valves or pipes that are above ground with some type of insulation. Most landscaping companies offer this service. Preventative measures like this will protect your St George Real Estate investment.