December 2014

St George Real Estate Market for Seniors

I have been fortunate to help people considered "seniors" to buy and sell houses. Recently I received an article from a local title company. It was actually provided for them by a company called Real Estate Digest. They provide canned newsletters for people in the real estate industry. I found one article rather interesting, it is entitled "Housing not Health Care Is Biggest Cost For Seniors".  In this...

Buy A House With No Money Down

Unlike some of the late night infomercials, it really is possible to purchase a home with little or no money down in the St George Real Estate Market. If you are open to a home in the Hurricane, or Ivins, and most surrounding smaller towns, it is possible to get in with no money down. There is a Federal Loan product available in the Southern Utah real estate market known as USDA or RDA. This helps people...

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