Final Walk Through

The Final Walk Through. This is phrase that refers to a person walking through a new home they are purchasing. The final walk through is when a buyer takes a very close look at a property they are buying. The purpose of this inspection is to identify any thing that needs to be fixed prior to settlement. The list can be pretty exhaustive. the contractor is usually there with a note pad in hand, and roll of blue tape. A small piece of blue tape is placed on the area that is in need of attention. We have included some items ideas of types of things to look for.


  1. Landscaping, any dead plants, dying grass, signs of broken sprinklers

  2. Concrete work, driveways and sidewalks, splatters on stucco or exterior walls

  3. Paint over spray both inside and outside of the house

  4. Doors close and open properly, spacing around door frame, does the door drag on the carpet

  5. Ring door bell(s)

  6. Check all electrical outlets, switches, and lights

  7. Try all garage door openers, make sure sensors stop garage door as designed

  8. Finish work specifically, wood trim, molding work, door jams.

  9. Check for any cracks in floor tile, or stains on the carpet

  10. Test all appliances

  11. Examine granite for cracks or chips

  12. Examine cabinet doors and drawers to see if they open and close properly

  13. See that sinks drain quickly and don’t leak

  14. See that hot water is coming through faucets and showers and flush toilets

  15. Assure that hand railings are solidly secured

  16. Open and close all windows, make sure screens are in place, look for cracks in windows

  17. Where applicable look in crawl spaces for adequate insulation, any water leaks etc.

  18. Turn on A/c or heat, (some home inspectors say it is not good to turn heat on directly after a/c has been on)

  19. Look at walls and ceilings, check for cracks or missing paint

  20. Try all keys on all locks

This list becomes critical if the builder has not be totally forthright. Reasonable items on the final walk through list must be dealt with prior to settlement or a lien may be placed, or funds withheld from closing until items on the checklist completed. This list may actually become part of the agreement. It is typical that the selling agent is present at the final walk through. It is also a good idea for the buyers agent to attend. The agents work is not completed until after closing.

Home Warranty

Many contractors offer a home warranty on the homes they sell. If not, there are plenty of great home warranties available. The reason we mention this here is to alleviate some stress associated with purchasing a new home. If something was overlooked on the final walk through there is a chance that it might be covered with the warranty. Most builders want happy customers, so they will work closely with the new home owner to make sure they are completely satisfied.

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