Guaranteed Home Sale Program

Guaranteed Home Sale 

Guaranteed Home Sale Program. We sell your house or we buy it.

Have you ever wished someone would offer you a guarantee to sell your home?  You may be in Luck

That’s right! ERA offers a *Sellers Security home sellers program. This means we are able to help you sell your home or we will buy it. Selling a home in the St George Real Estate market is not a difficult thing to do, especially in the current market. The two biggest factors in selling a home are pricing and exposure. It is important that a home is priced within the parameters of the current market. It is fairly easy to determine what homes similar to your home are selling for. Our local St George Real Estate MLS keeps track of houses for sale and houses that have sold. Using this data an agent can provide information that can help you price your home. Many home sellers do not realize that setting and changing the price on their home is their decision, not the St George Real Estate agents.

Gold Star Program

Another ERA product that will help you sell your home is the Gold Star Program. Imagine the additional interest your home in the St George Real Estate Market will receive when the sign in front of your house says this is a gold star property!  The Gold Star Program is just another ERA program that will increase the saleability of your home. The Gold Star Program can definitely add to the appeal of your home in the St George Real Estate market.

An ERA® Gold Star Property comes with peace of mind for everyone.

Here are some interesting facts that apply not only to the real estate in St George, but nationwide.

Home inspection identifies potential repairs
Sellers disclosure provides information you need about the home
An ERA Home Protection Plan® helps protect from the cost of unforeseen repairs
Price is in line with market conditions based on a competitive market analysis
Did you know that homes that are staged average 83% less time on the market?

Did you know that homes with a home protection plan (home warranty) sell 15% faster than homes without?

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

In Real Estate this statement is especially true. In the St George Real Estate market, pictures of the home will increase the odds of people wanting to see it.  You may be surprised to learn how many people will not even click on a link that doesn’t have pictures. Have you ever been looking for something and if there aren’t any pictures you pass it by? With a home being the single largest decision many people will make.  How likely is it that a home buyer may never even look at a property if it doesn’t have photos? Some St George Real Estate home buyers are partially sold on a home before they even see it in person. It only seems logical that when buyers are able to take a tour of the home online, they are much  more likely to want to see it in person. ERA puts provides a video tour of all the homes listed with them. Homes listed with ERA end up on hundreds of other websites, and newspapers.

Text ERA

Another tool that ERA offers is the Text ERA program. When a person is driving by your home, they can simply dial an 800 number and enter the code for your home. This will connect them a short description of your home. More importantly, it will text me so I can contact that person to see if they have any additional questions, and set up a showing of your home. This feature is a proven method of generating interested buyers. I have used the Text ERA on my listings for real estate in the St George area, it is a great way to help sell your property. Selling property in our St George Real Estate market can be difficult, it is helpful to use every tool available.

Pool Of Buyers

ERA keeps list of buyers that are currently looking for properties in Southern Utah, and the St George Real Estate area. This mean once your property is listed we will match it up against our list of people looking for homes. With a little luck we may have a direct match, and sell your home very quickly.

*Sellers Security Legal Information:
Conditions and limitations apply: including but not limited to: seller and house must meet specific qualifications, and purchase price will be determined solely by ERA Franchise Systems LLC, based upon a discount of the home’s appraised value. Additionally, a second home must be purchased through a broker designated by ERA Franchise Systems LLC. This tool may be helpful if you are trying to sell your house in the competitive St George Real Estate market.

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