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If you are new to St George you will soon recognize why so many people are coming home to St George. The beautiful red rocks, and sunny warm days attract many new residents every year. St George is famous for several events including the St George Marathon. This annual event brings thousands of runners and their families to southern Utah each year. An interesting phenomena that is currently taking place in Southern Utah is the increase in activity in the Real Estate market. Unique to this part of Utah, St George is experiencing a serge in real estate sales. It is estimated that 35% of the new growth is taking place with new construction. A person doesn’t have to travel very far around the valley to find new houses springing up. Building permits are up 50% over last year.

Short Sales and Foreclosures

The short sale and foreclosure properties are becoming more and more scarce. These factors are allowing real estate values to move upward. People that have been waiting for property values to increase are beginning to realize some positive equity in their homes. There are still a few distressed properties available, but it is a tricky process to nail something down. The ever elusive “great deal” may not be through a short sale at all. Some people try and try to find a property through the short sale market only to find that they have wasted several months with nothing to show for their time. Some people discover that while they were trying to find that great deal they missed out on some good deals that have already increased in value while they were chasing the short sale.

We Can Help

If you have time and are not in a hurry, we can help you zero in on any potential short sale properties that are still available. If you are desirous to move a little quicker we can also help you find a “sleeper” property that is priced to sell. In some cases these types of properties are a better deal all the way around. The biggest advantage of this type of property is the fact that the buyer knows exactly when he or she can close on the property, and that they are not waiting for a bank somewhere to give them a green light.

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