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Home staging in the St George Real Estate market can be a game changer for a house that does not show well. Recently an agent I know had one of his listings staged. The difference was night and day. Sometimes that fact that people live in a home can be a deterrent, this might be due to the way the house is furnished. The house may be cluttered, and the furnishings may be old and outdated. This can make it difficult for the person looking at the home to visualize how their things may fit into the house. It may even make the home seem older and out dated.  So is it better to show an empty house, than a cluttered house? The answer is yes, empty is much better than cluttered. I believe all agents in the St George Real Estate market would agree with this concept.

Empty House, Cluttered House, Staged House

Because staging is professionally done, it is better than both the cluttered and the empty home. The furnishings are usually updated, and selected to highlight the qualities of the home. A professional staging company can make a house look its very best. We are lucky to have a top notch staging company here in the St George Real Estate market area. From the nick nacks down to the towels in the bathroom. Everything they do is designed to work together. I believe that staging could net a higher price than a home that is not staged. This makes the money spent of staging worth the investment. The company that staged the house I recently looked at is First Impressions. They can be reached via email at firstimpressionshs@gmail.com or by calling 435 817 3223.

Here is a list of the things that First Impressions can do for you:

Decluttering (furniture, accessories, cupboards, closets)
Packing and storage
Painting (including color matching or selecting)
Carpets and tile (cleaned or replaced)
Furniture rearrange or design
Window cleaning or repair
Professional cleaning
All accessories (rugs, vases, bedding, towels, pictures,florals, trees and more)
Furniture rental
Lawn cleanup and care
Countertop replacement
Roof repairs
Appliance replacement
Used furniture consulting for consignment or donation
Handyman services

A good staging company can also work with the occupant of the home to maximize the way the furniture is arranged, and assist with the de-cluttering process. Less is usually more when it comes to furnishings in a house for sale. Simply put, a house that has wall to wall furniture looks smaller than a house that has everything placed to maximize the space. Real Estate in St George can be difficult, it is a good idea to take advantage of all the helps we can find.

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