For Sale By Owner St George Utah

For Sale By Owner St George Utah


For Sale By Owner St George Utah

How To Sell Your Own Home In St George

Whether you are selling you home by yourself, (for sale by owner) or listing it in the Real Estate market in the St George area, there are some important things to do. One of the main problems people have when trying to sell their home is removing the clutter. Clutter might seem like a rude way to describe people’s belongings, but in reality all of the extra items are a distraction. Most agents will agree that “less is always more” when it comes to showing a home. A room that has wall to wall furniture looks more like a furniture store, than a home for sale. The house that is totally packed with furnishings appears smaller than it may already be. Most buyers are turned off by homes like this. A storage unit can be a great place to put items until the home is sold. Selling a home in the St George Real Estate market is very competitive. It is a good idea to seek the help of a professional. I will be happy to help you sell you home and give you tips about the St George Real Estate market, give me a call.

Paint Paint Paint

As mentioned before the Real Estate in St George is competitive, but with a gallon of paint running about $20, it is hard to understand why more people interested in selling their home don’t paint their homes. It is my opinion that this is one of the single best returns a home seller will realize. It may not be necessary to paint every room, but there are usually several rooms in every house that could use a little sprucing up. One area often overlooked by the home seller is the front door. The first place a home buyer sees when they are looking at a house is the front door. While the agent is opening the door the seller many times will spend more time by the front door than any other area of the house. Why not take a little time and a little money and make it look like new? With the St George Real Estate market being as competitive as it is, take a little time and spruce your home up a bit.

Carpet Carpet Carpet

Another way to improve a house is by installing new carpet. The new carpet may be the leg up that helps you compete in the tough St George Real Estate market. Some home sellers avoid this issue by the notion that the new home buyer would rather select their carpet and paint colors. This may be true in some cases, but it is my opinion that many home buyers would rather walk into a freshly painted home with new carpet. If a home buyer has to carpet and paint prior to moving in, it will delay their move in date. This is because they can not begin any renovations until they close on their loan.

A typical loan will close in approximately 30 days. The new home owner in our St George Real Estate market then has to wait until the carpet layer, and painter can schedule them in. This can delay a move in date by as much as two weeks. On the flip side of the coin, if the house already has fresh carpet and paint they are ready to move in right after closing.

The argument mentioned earlier about the St George Real Estate home buyer being able to select their colors can be minimized by using neutral colors. This way the home is not offensive to a new buyer’s taste. Many people that do not like neutral colors will simply add a wall with a lot of color, to satisfy their taste until it is time to re-paint the room.

Don’t under estimate the power of smell. Recently I accompanied several other agents on a tour of a home.  There first thing to him me was the distinct smell of cat urine. The home had new carpet and the paint was in very good shape. Several of the agents that were looking at the home mentioned the smell, and didn’t notice much else about the house. Hopefully these tips will help you as you enter the St George Real Estate market.

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