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Huntsman Senior Games

The Hunstman Senior Games has to be one of the best events that is held in St George every year. I had the opportunity of helping with the Huntsman Senior Games yesterday. If you need a little  inspiration, or would like to just enjoy the event, login and find out where to go to check out everything that is happening.  I was motivated by this gentlemen who is a regular at the games every year. According to those who regularly attend the event, he enters several track and field events every year. There were other stories of those in age divisions of 80-85 years old. Many just come to enjoy the social aspect of the event. Some come to compete with others across the country, and from other countries.

National Senior Games

I also learned that those competing in the local Huntsman Senior Games can set records that are recorded on a national level. I was lucky enough to assist in measuring a world record. One lady olympian set the national record for throwing the Javelin farther than any other woman in her age class had previously been able to do. The procedure necessary to qualify for the national record to be acknowleged was quite impressive. Three officials had to verify the throw, and it had to be measured with a metal tape measure. The entire process seemed to assure that records are not taken lightly, or given without them being earned. Forms needed to be filled out and signed by all three officials, and the Javelin had to be re-weighed and measured to assure that it was legitimate.

Some seniors travel to the games in various towns across the country, mainly for the social, and scenic aspects. Others travel to compete and set records. After being involved in the event I would highly recommend that anyone interested take a closer look, and better yet, get involved!

The Impact the Senior Games has on the Real Estate market in St George is hard to measure, but I would guess that the St George Real estate market would not be as strong as it is today without the added benefit of the Senior Games.

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