Ideas to help you sell your house

The Price Must Be Right

When it comes to selling a house, there are quite a few variables to consider. Some will say price is the most important item to consider. Some “old school” agents will still say, “price fixes everything.”

In some cases this is true. It is crucial to list the house at a realistic price from the beginning. Agent’s are able to help establish a reasonable listing price. When interest rates were low and every listing sold in a week, price was not as important as it is in a buyers market. If the house is priced too high from the beginning, it may not even be shown. This creates a longer time on the market. Most buyers are saavy enough to see how long a home has been listed, and smart enough to question why. Red flags start to come up when a home stays on the market longer than the average days on market currently being experienced. While the red flags may not indicate too high of a price, it in reality may be the reason a home isn’t selling. For example when a home is priced 50,000 over the recommended list price a buyer may not even see it within the search criteria they have set. The potential buyer may have their search settings to only show homes up to 850,000. A home listed for 890, with a recommended list price of 850 will be missed by the eyes of that particular buyer.

Cleaning a Home to Sell

I like to compare selling a home to selling a car. If you’re trying to sell a car, you will typically wash, wax, and clean the inside thoroughly. You would certain remove all the garbage and unnecessary items from the car. The same principle applies to you house. A good cleaning inside and out is critical to getting top dollar for your house. Many home sellers forget about the way a house smells. A commercial on TV calls it “nose blind”. You might need to call in someone who doesn’t live in the house to give a sniff test. With all of the room air fresheners available today correcting this can be a simple task. If the house is deep down dirty it may not be so easy. In some cases you may need to hire a cleaning crew to come in to get the house smelling fresh.


Reducing the clutter is also critical. If you have decided you are going to move, you may as well start boxing up and getting ride of things that are not needed. Most home buyers are OK with a garage full of things from the house. The downside to using the garage to store things, is that it looks cluttered. A cluttered house and garage feel smaller than a house that is furnished sparingly. Less is always more when trying to decide what to leave in the house. Personal items should be removed, including valuables, pictures, and family heirlooms. Buyers are interested in the house, not the items inside of it. It is hard for them to picture their furniture in the house if there are too many items still there.

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