May Market Report

May Market Report From WCBR MLS


Real Estate Moving Upward

May Market Report indicated that May was a good month for St George real estate. Home prices in Washington County increased by nearly 19%. The median home price was also up over 21%. Total listings in the St George Real Estate market were up to 603 from 430 last year. There were also 161 building permits issued in May. We have attached the total report. In a nut shell it is a good time to be involved in the real estate market in St George.

May Monthly Report

The graph included at the bottom clearly indicates that growth has been steady since June of 2011. The word that we are getting is that the growth should continue upward. If you have any questions about the report, or if you would like to explore how you can participate in the current growth give us a call.

After the roller coaster the country and our local real estate market has been on, the upward trend is a welcome event. This is good news for people that have been waiting to sell their home. This is especially good news for people that bought when the market was a little upside down. They can breathe a sigh of relief that they are finally seeing their property reach the price they paid for it. It is a great time to invest in the Real Estate market in St George.

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