Medical Care in St George Utah

Medical Care in St George Utah is another reason that St George is a fabulous place to live . One benefit that many people over look is the quality of health care we enjoy here in Southern Utah. There are various classifications given to designate the services a hospital can provide. Currently Dixie Regional Medical Center is classified as a Trauma Level 3 facility. They are looking forward to moving up a Level 2 Trauma classification, and hope to do so later this year. Currently Dixie Regional Medical Center has a Heart Surgery program, which is comforting to those who struggle with heat disease.

Pre Natal Care NICU

Our hospital features a top quality NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Unit) making it convenient for babies that decide to come a little early. Having had one of my children and grandchildren  use this facility, I can personally praise them. The consideration, care and professionalism is second to none. Everyone that worked with my daughter and her little baby were very kind and sincerely interested in the care they both received. The unit can help babies born up to 17 weeks early. The team of Doctors and Nurses have saved hundreds of babies from being sent out of the area. This feature doesn’t seem all that important until you or a family member need their services.

Life Flight

Another feature adding to the top quality health care offered in St George is the life flight program. The emergency helicopter program can get someone needing additional care where they need to go in a fraction of the time that an ambulance would take. They are also able to fly directly to the scene of an accident and get injured people where they need to go. People in dire need of emergency health care are surely grateful to the service of our brave life flight crew and for their dedicated service.

Cancer Center

Another important piece of the overall quality of health care in Southern Utah is the Huntsman Cancer Center. This facility is rated among the best in the nation for treating those diagnosed with cancer. Huntsman and Dixie Regional Medical Center have teamed up to offer local treatment for many types of cancer. The Huntsman Inter-mountain Cancer research center offers a comprehensive library of information about the research they have conducted.

Neuroscience Services in Southern Utah

The planned addition of the Neurology unit will allow Dixie Regional Medical Center to move into the Trauma 2 facility they have been working on. Mitch Cloward, hospital operations officer over neurosciences, said” More than 600 conditions afflict the nervous system, from well-known disorders such as stroke, spine ailments, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and multiple sclerosis to rare conditions affecting only a handful of patients nationally. “There is essentially no hospital department that is not touched by neurosciences. Follow this link to the entire article. St George welcomes the Neuroscience Center to Southern Utah.

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