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The Richey Realty Team has investors they are in regular contact with that are looking for homes to purchase. These investors will pay in cash, usually offering a 10-14 day close. This is very attractive for someone that needs to move out of the area, or whose circumstances have changed. For example, loss of a job, significant pay decrease, divorce, changes in health etc.

There are a lot of companies that advertise they will buy your house some within 24 hours. The next question most everyone asks is what is the catch? These offers are usually 25-30% below the appraised value or the established market analysis of a home. It may seem a little sketchy at first, but when the seller considers what it will cost to get the best price for their home, they need to calculate what it will cost to bring it up to current market standards. 

There really isn’t any secret to selling homes, even in a soft market like we are currently in. One of the largest factors to successfully selling real estate in a little slower market is correct pricing. Over the last 10 years pricing a home has become easier than ever to accomplish. There are several ways to establish market value on a home. In every instance the CMA or Comparative Market Analysis indicates what homes are the most similar to yours. Appraisers would rather use a home from the same neighborhood that the subject property (your house) is located. Location really is still one of the most important factors when trying to set an accurate sales price.

I was a Real Estate Appraiser years ago, one thing I still remember from my classes was the statement. “appraising is an art”. With the artificial intelligence becoming more dominate in every industry, there is a greater likely hood of the CMA becoming more of an exact science. There are a set of factors that AI may never be able to narrow down, smell, surrounding houses, undisclosed items needing repair. This is called deferred maintenance in the real estate world. When someone is trying to sell their house they obviously want to get as much for it as they possible can.

Another important factor to selling a home is the way it is portrayed online. If the pictures of the home are low resolution, taken with a phone, they may not show as well as those taken by a professional photographer. It is a night and day difference when you look online at homes with professional pictures compared to unprofessional pics. Studies have shown that buyer actually spend more time looking at professional pics than they do poor quality ones.

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