Selling Your Home In The Christmas Season

Selling your home in the Christmas season may sound like a crazy idea. If you think about it however, it might start to make a little more sense. When does your home smell better than during the Christmas season? The candles, home fresheners, the smell of the fresh cut Christmas tree, and home made goodies add to the ambiance of our St George homes during the holidays. When trying to sell a home in our St George real estate market, it is important to remember that you are in competition with other homes in Washington County that are for sale. As with anything, the best competitor wins.

Selling Your St George Real Estate

To better understand this analogy, think of your St George real estate as a product on the shelf at a store. When you go to purchase something at the store, you will more than likely look at the price, the manufacturer, and similar products for sale. This is true with real estate also. Since real estate is much more costly than anything on the shelf at the store, people scrutinize it a lot more. With the Internet offering many sites with homes to look at, your home is just another house “on the St George real estate shelf”. Statistics say that 90% of people look at homes on the Internet before they actually go and see them. With that in mind comparing your house with similar houses becomes even more dramatic, and important to understand.

So how does all of this relate to the topic of this article, selling your home in the Christmas season? Most people take extra time making sure their homes are in good shape in anticipation of the visitors they will have during the Holidays. Listing pictures taken during the Holidays even have a tendency to look more homey and inviting. This, added to the smell of cinnamon, and home made goods might give your home the extra help it needs to sell during the holidays.

Investors In St George Real Estate

Another advantage to listing your home during the Holiday season is the fact that some St George real estate investors will be looking for an investment before the end of the year. In some cases these investors will be looking for homes to purchase with cash. It is important to understand that just because you might sell you home during the Holidays does not mean that you will necessarily need to move during the Holidays. Most people that buy St George real estate, during the holidays are willing to allow you to stay in your house until after the new year. This is not true in every case, but unless the home buyer is looking to be in a home by the end of the year something can usually be worked out.

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