St George Marathon


St George Marathon

Every year in October the St George Marathon takes place in our little town. It is a nationally recognized event with runners coming from all across the country. The St George Marathon starts up Highway 18 in Central. If you are new to the area, Highway 18 is at the top (North end) of Bluff Street. Like all marathons the St George Marathon is 26.2 miles in length. The marathon ends up in the middle of St George at the Vernon Worthen Park. Many people train for the marathon all year, others establish a training schedule and ready themselves in a few months. Other runners travel from marathon to marathon requiring them to stay in shape all of the time. The marathon provides an opportunity for community minded people to offer service. There is no shortage of opportunities to help out with the marathon. This event has contributed greatly to the real estate market in St George. People come to St George and never want to leave.

 St George Real Estate

Like the Senior Games, the participants of the marathon bring much needed revenue to our local economy. The small inconvenience of increased traffic, and longer waits at restaurants are worth sharing our beautiful city for.  Many visitors are in awe of the scenic panoramas we enjoy everyday. Another perk of these two events is the fact that some people develop an interest in our local real estate market. With our low crime rate and small town atmosphere many people return after the marathon, and senior games just to visit. This may seem insignificant to some but our real estate is doing very well, due in part to buyers come in from out of state. These added buyers help sustain our market when times are a little slower. Real Estate in the St George are is currently doing very well making an investment in St George Real Estate a great idea!

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