St George Is Senior Friendly

St George is Senior Friendly. One of the best examples of this is the Huntsman Sr Games. The Huntsman Senior games will finish this week. The closing ceremony will be held Saturday night at the Hansen Stadium at Dixie State University. The closing ceremonies are a spectacular show providing an opportunity for those who have competed and won medals to gather together and say goodbye until next year. The senior games definitely have a positive effect on the Real Estate in the St George area. The positive impact is also felt by most businesses in the area.

The senior games are only a small part of what St George has to offer Seniors 50 years old and up. There are dozens of choices of places to live for those that would like to locate them selves in a Sr Community. Of course people over 55 can live anywhere, but some enjoy a little more peaceful “child free” setting. Personally, I actually enjoy the sounds of happy little voices of children playing in the neighborhood.

St George Has A Lot to Offer

Other benefits for Sr.’s is the first class medical care St George has to offer. The small town atmosphere also contributes to seniors having a desire to live here. With St George still a relatively sparsely populated area, traffic is not that bad, especially compared to the larger cities many of our seniors come from. The milder winters are also attractive to those getting up in years. The lack of pollution, and warmer winters make life much more enjoyable for those suffering from cold weather related problems. Real Estate in St George is also a great investment for Seniors to make. Some Senior has found investing in rental properties in the St George Real Estate market a great investment. So in addition to all of the other benefits of living in St George, Real Estate in the St George area can be added to the list.

In a nut shell, I love St George, especially in the fall! The temperatures begin cooling off making it much nicer to spend time out doors. The brisk mornings, warm afternoons, and cool nights mean that winter is on its way. Unlike places where winter is dark, cold, and gloomy St George offers sunshine nearly every day. Any snow that comes is usually gone within a few hours, and the afternoons usually warm up to be quite pleasant. Another advantage of the St George winters is the fact that spring usually comes in late February.

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