St George Utah Rush Hour Traffic

I took this video one evening on the way home from downtown St George Utah. I live in Washington Fields and it takes about 15 minutes to get from the ERA office on 200 E St George Blvd to my house. The traffic at “rush hour” usually doesn’t slow me down that much. The traffic and smaller population are a couple of the reasons that I really love living in St George. I knew that many people would not believe me when I said the traffic was not very bad here, so I took this video. The traffic did seem to be a little lighter than usual, even though it was not a holiday when I took this video. The upload time is different than the actual time the video was recorded. This only one of the reasons that the Real Estate in St George is such a great value. People love the lack of congestion making St George Real Estate even more desirable.

St George Utah Road Conditions

Like many cities St George is not without it’s share of pot holes, and ongoing road construction projects. The new interchange project is a major undertaking currently in works. For more info on this, follow this link, Utah Road Construction Projects.   This project is very large, and the inconvenience is minimized, by the majority of the work being done through the night. Other than some lane restrictions during the day, it has really not been a major problem for most people. It is exciting to live in a place that is growing and vibrant like St George and the surrounding areas. We are fortunate to be able to live in such an amazing place. The desirability of Real Estate in St George, is creating a fairly strong market.

Washington Utah Roads

Washington Utah is not far behind St George when it comes to taking care of their roads. For more information about the master plan for Washington follow this link. Washington Utah Public Works Street   We urge people to be aware of projects, and slow down in areas where there are construction workers on site. The quality of the roads definitely contributes to the values in the St George Real Estate Market.

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