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Pick your favorite, Trulia, Zillow And are the most searched places to find real estate. Most people have their favorite real estate search program, some people like Trulia, others think Zillow is the way to go and others swear by These are all good programs and helpful in getting an idea of homes that are available and homes that have sold in a given area. The only downside to these types of programs is the current status of the houses listed there. Some times homes that have sold, or been taken off the market are still listed there as available. This can become a frustration to people that are serious about finding a house. Another downside to utilizing one of these type programs is the estimated prices they provide. Without current updates, the prices given for properties may be slightly skewed. For example if a house is listed for $200,000 on one of these sites, and it actually sold for $175,000 a person might believe that a property is worth more than it really is if the actual sales price is never reported. Many times when prices are dropped by the seller they are not reflected on these types of sites. I don’t discourage my clients from using Trulia, Zillow, And I just let them know that the information about the St George real estate market may not be totally up to date.

Up To Date Information

Obviously up to date information is ideal when trying to determine the price on a home, especially when the market is moving up so quickly. The best way to obtain current pricing and availability information is through the local MLS where the property is listed. These databases are kept up to date on a daily basis providing the best information available at the current time. This information is also used by the appraisers when they determine the value of a house.  Some clients like to search on the Trulia type sites, simply because they are familiar with the layout of the program. This is OK as long as they understand that the house they have identified may no longer be available.

Work With An Agent

The very best way for someone to find a house is to use the services of a licensed Real Estate Agent. The agent can set their client up to receive notifications when a house meeting their predetermined criteria hits the MLS. This is important when the market is moving as quickly as it currently is. The best example of this is a home that recently sold in Bloomington Hills in less than 24 hours. With transaction like this happening more and more frequently, it is a good idea to be notified as soon as homes are listed. We offer this service, making it possible for a home buyer to know as soon as something they may interested becomes available.

Buyers Agents Work For You For Free

One misunderstanding many people have is that they will need to pay a buyers agent.  In fact the buyers agent only gets paid when you buy a house. They receive their pay from a portion of the percentage agreed up by the agent that listed the house for sale. Some people also believe that if they don’t use an agent they may be able to get a better deal. This is usually not the case. Agents buy and sell houses every day, they have a feel for the market. They may be able to save a buyer money by negotiating a better price for their buyer.

In Conclusion

We are not saying that Trulia, Zillow and are bad sites, they offer help and insight into the industry as a whole. There are many good articles and information about real estate on all of these sites. They all have helpful tools for calculating payments and other helps for potential home buyers.

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