Understanding The REPC

Most buyers struggle understanding the REPC. The REPC is basically the nuts and bolts of the home purchase agreement. In the St George Real Estate market we use the REPC that is provided by our state Utah Association of Realtors. It is written and approved by attorneys.  I have tried to explain in simple terms, what each part of the REPC means. I am a Real Estate Agent and not an Attorney. It is a good idea to use and Attorney if you have concerns about a real estate transaction. The REPC is drawn up by competent Real Estate Attorneys, but this does not mean that your best interest will be protected simply by the use of the REPC.

Understanding The REPC St George Real Estate

As an agent I appreciate the REPC or the Real Estate Purchase Contract that is approved for use in our St George real estate market. Not to sound snooty, but this is only available for use by licensed real estate agents. Since the contact is drawn up by attorneys we can be confident that our clients will be protected. The REPC is designed to be an outline, and basically fill in the blanks for the St George real estate agent as we help our clients that are selling or buying. Since every situation may not be addressed in the St George Real Estate REPC, the state attorneys have made available some standard verbiage we can insert that will protect our clients also. I use the term “St George real estate” through out this section, but in reality the REPC is designed for use by all agents in the Utah Real Estate Market.

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